5 Great Reasons for Adopting a Senior Dog or Cat

A good pet match is one that meets your lifestyle, personality and needs for companionship. Here are five great reasons for considering adopting a senior dog or cat.

  1. Fast Friends. Good friends have a lot in common. Senior dogs and cats can quickly settle into your quiet, calm life to provide comfortable companionship. If you’re more active, many older pets still have lots of get up and go in them for hiking, walking or playing. You can easily judge their temperament when you meet them and decide which ones fit your lifestyle. Guaranteed there is an older dog or cat that will be a good match.
  2. Easy to Train. An older dog or cat generally means less time training, more time enjoying. A senior pet is more likely to be house and potty trained. They probably already know that dog doors are for outside business, pillows are for the head, not the feet, and walks are not trots.
  3. Peace of mind. An older pet is generally in sync with people and other pets because they have been socialized and know basic commands, expectations, and they love rewards for good behavior. They’ve got a good resume.
  4. Instant Family Member. An older pet loves to be part of the family. They have experience of being in a family and they are probably eager to join yours because you have thought wisely about the merits of adopting an older dog and welcome them for the rest of their lives into your family.
  5. Pet Hero. You get to do a good deed by saving the life of an older pet. Many older dogs and cats are overlooked at shelters. Their charm, personality and character go unnoticed. But, they can be diamonds in the ruff ruff and become a loving, wonderful treasure to bring you happiness, joy and friendship. Please consider adopting an older dog or cat. Click here to see our adoptable older or special needs pets.