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Our successful Adoption Program finds great homes for hundreds of homeless dogs and cats each year. We have an amazing track record of happy adoptions because we strive to match the right pet for the adopter's needs, lifestyle and family. Check out our Gallery of Happy Adoptions. If you're looking to adopt, view our adoptable pets by clicking here. You're next best friend is just a click away!

Adoption Events

You'll love our adoption events or scheduled appointments where you can meet our adoptable dogs and cats, play with them, hug and kiss them and hopefully take one home with you! Our Adoption Coordinator and Volunteers are more than happy to answer your questions about the pet or pets you're interested in. The Events & Activities Calender (to the right) lists the adoption events we are participating in throughout Southern California where you can meet (and hopefully fall in love with) one of these wonderful pets. If you're looking to adopt a pet now, we can set up an appointment for you to meet the pet. You're welcome to contact the Adoption Volunteer listed in the pet's profile page to discuss any questions you may have about the pet. We request that you submit an adoption application and if it looks like a promising match, we'll schedule a meeting for you to meet the pet. Check out our Gallery of Adoption Events.

Caring for Homeless Street Dogs and Cats

We feed thousands of homeless street dogs and cats each month, provide medical care for the injured, sick and starving, and give shelter to homeless pets living in gutters, under bridges, in trash dumps, and under cars where many mommy dogs and cats desperately care for their puppies and kittens alone. With your support, we go where no one else will. We have so many success stories we'd like to share with you. Take a look at our work and our dedicated team in the Gallery. Please donate today so we can help the homeless street dogs and cats who are waiting for help.


Foster Program

Because we do not yet have a permanent animal shelter of our own, our successful adoption program relies on Foster Volunteers who temporarily house adoptable dogs and cats while adoptions are pending or until a forever home can be found. Our Foster Volunteers love what they do! And they come back for more and more foster pets who for their first time in their lives get regular meals, a tender, kind voice and a warm, safe place to sleep while they wait for their forever homes. Would you consider being a Foster Volunteer? Contact us. Take a look at our Gallery of Foster Volunteers.


Fundraising Events

We make every donation count because we honor and respect your support. Thanks to our Volunteer Fundraisers who raise cash or in-kind donations, we can feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and find loving homes for animals coming from the poorest communities. Our programs are growing. Please donate today and rest assured we're there for homeless dogs and cats who have no one but you and us.

Nursery-Senior Care

From the youngest to the oldest homeless dog and cat, we're there for them. Our nursery-senior program means special care for mommy dogs and cats and their puppies and kittens and compassionate care for senior dogs and cats. Rescuing the most vulnerable homeless dogs and cats and giving them a warm, safe shelter to raise their young or providing loving, tender care to senior homeless dogs is what we do. Take a look at the fun nursery for our young pets and loving care for our older pets in the Gallery.

Perrera Program

Mexican Dog Pounds "Perrera" Program

Our organization started in 2006 when our founders, Marlene and Donna, volunteered to help homeless street dogs and cats housed at the Mexican dog pounds ("Perreras") who suffered without food or water or medical care. Marlene and Donna had to endure witnessing the dogs and cats being euthanized by electrocution. Determined to improve the conditions at the Mexican dog pounds, Marlene and Donna set out to rally support from the communities in the U.S. and Mexico. Ten years later, our organization has grown significantly. We now financially sponsor organizations providing food, water and humane medical treatment for thousands of animals in six Mexican dog pounds each month. We find great homes for hundreds of adoptable dogs and cats each year. We fund more than two spay-neuter clinics in the poorest communities each month. Our greatest accomplishment is stopping the practice of electrocuting homeless dogs and cats in six Mexican dog pounds by financially sponsoring organizations providing humane euthanasia drugs so the sick, injured and otherwise unadoptable dogs and cats will not suffer the pain of euthanasia by electrocution. Our goal is to further support organizations working for improved care of animals at the Perreras and who work with Mexican officials and community partners to end electrocution everywhere in Mexico and continue to develop humane, animal welfare programs. View the Gallery of photos of the Mexican dog pounds. (Warning - some of the photos are graphic but we wanted to show you how your support is helping us to make significant progress in improving the lives of homeless dogs and cats. Thank you.)


>Spay-Neuter Clinics

Spay-Neuter Clinics

The key to stopping the overpopulation of unwanted homeless dogs and cats is sterilization. Each month we sponsor more than two spay-neuter clinics in the poorest communities where grateful pet owners come from far and wide to help their dogs and cats.

Our community involvement has resulted in improved animal welfare and humane treatment programs. We strive to expand our services to more communities. Take a look at our Gallery of sponsored spay-neuter clinics. You'll be amazed how we provide medical services in the most challenging conditions where ironing boards are used as surgery tables, community centers are surgical wings, and wheel barrels are used to transport animals after surgery. We love what we do because we're helping poor communities care for their pets and develop programs for homeless pets in their neighborhoods. Thank you for your support.

Stop Electrocution/Humane Care

Our most important goal is to end the practice of euthanizing homeless dogs and cats in the Mexican dog pounds by electrocution. Because of generous supporters like yourself, we financially sponsor orgganizations providing food, compassionte care and humane euthanasia medicine for thousands of sick, injured and otherwise unadoptable dogs, cats, puppies and kittens in six Northern Mexico dog pounds each month. Thank you for your support.(Warning - some of the photos are graphic but we wanted to show you how your support is helping us to make significant progress in improving the lives of homeless dogs and cats. Thank you.)


Success Stories

Success Stories (Before-After)

You'll love our many success stories! See our before-after Gallery and be amazed at the transformations! Your investment has made this all possible. Thank you.


Our team of Volunteers come from all walks of life but share a common mission to help homeless dogs and cats in the poorest and neediest communities. In ten years, we have rescued and found homes for thousands of homeless dogs and cats, stopped the overpopulation of unwanted pets, and established humane animal welfare programs. Take a look at our Gallery for some of our volunteers in action. Would you consider joining us to help homeless dogs and cats? The reward is extraordinary. We invite you to join our team. Join Us.